Treat Yourself Tuesday, Week 1: Meditation

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Tuesday is finally here and I’m SO excited to start a new series on my blog that I like to call “Treat Yourself Tuesday”. This weekly post will be a place where I can tell you anything I think you NEED to know each week to TREAT YOURSELF— whether that be a new product, app, experience or maybe even a book that has improved my life and made me feel like the million dollars I’m supposed to always feel like, and you are too!! Here we go people.

Week 1: Meditation

Guys, who doesn’t love a good morning routine? Between all of the books, blogs and podcasts I follow, I hear daily how important the beginning of my day is. For months I’ve been trying to figure out what my perfect formula is to get in the right mindset every morning so I can seize the day and get everything I need to do done + a ton more.

I’ve been itching to write about my meditation journey for a solid 50 days (which is how long I’ve been consistently doing this). My mornings and nights (yes, I meditate before bed too) have been transformed and the only reason I waited so long to tell you guys is because I really wanted to make it a real habit before I shared my experience. Authenticity is always key.

But yes, I’ve been meditating a lot. Learning a lot about myself, how to balance life, my motivators and most importantly my strengths and weaknesses. Meditation has given me the ability to think without having to think (I know that sounds weird but its true).

So, how do I do this everyday you ask?? HEADSPACE. A meditation app for your phone. The app you NEED. The app that can potentially change you and your life (forever??).

How I do it:


Onto my morning routine— which actually starts the night before. I would be SO MUCH less productive if I didn’t prepare for my day the night before. When it’s time to go to bed I begin by plugging in all of my electronics, I do my nighttime skincare routine, and I get comfy in my bed. Then, I meditate. No matter the time, I always find time for myself to meditate.

I either use meditation sounds to help me fall asleep (my personal favorite is doze) or I do an actual meditation practice to set my intentions for the next day (OR both—usually both).  When I wake up in the morning I stretch, drink some water, then I meditate again before I do anything else.

The journey:

Meditation has become an outlet for me to figure out what is important in my life. When I meditate I decompress, prioritize and rid myself of the trials and tribulations that come with my everyday life. I focus on me. I figure out what I need, what I want and what I don’t want (for real though). Taking the time to meditate has seriously made me a happier, more motivated person.

The moment I press play on my meditation app I am transported to a calm, relaxed mental state. I try to choose a time when I know I won’t be bothered and I follow the instructions from the meditation guide. The man’s voice is so soothing and as he tells me to transition from breathing, to focusing on my body, to focusing on whatever my intentions are for the day, I am greeted with mental clarity.

I think for the longest time I thought meditation was supposed to be me not thinking and if I started thinking I was doing something wrong. Using this app, I have realized that meditating is whatever I want it to be. I decide how my practice goes. I am in control. Its so crazy though when you take a minute to lose focus and slow down, the most important, pressing issues are the ones that pop into your mind. This is how I know I’m getting somewhere with my practice. I feel enlightened. I feel like I’m learning more about myself than ever before. I feel like living in the present is so rare these days and when I meditate I have no choice but to do so and it feels incredible.

In the past fifty days of my meditation journey I’ve started exercising regularly, I began an internship and I’ve begun to focus on a healthier, more rewarding lifestyle. My stress level has gone from an 8.5 to a 4, I feel like I can accomplish anything in a single 24 hour period, I’ve set so many new goals I’m working towards and I’ve basically transformed into a modern day Wonder Woman (I can’t fly yet but I’m giving it some time).

I don’t think ALL of this self improvement is 100% because I meditate but I know it plays a huge role in it. Meditating has changed the way I choose to live my life and I couldn’t be more grateful for it. I try so hard to be mindful of everything and everyone now. I have learned to not sweat the small stuff and I enjoy putting my best foot and attitude forward every single day.

Meditation has been around for centuries and I can’t believe I didn’t start doing it sooner. Taking the time to reflect has helped me solve some serious issues in my life and I would never forgive myself (jk I probably would) if I didn’t share this life hack with you guys. It may seem super daunting at first but trust me when I say, it will feel like you’re doing yourself a favor if you just give it a REAL shot!


Are you stressed? Meditate. Do you feel like there’s not enough time in the day? Meditate. Are you trying to achieve new goals? Meditate. Are you looking for balance in your life? Meditate. Do you have any important decisions coming up? Meditate. Do you want to learn how to time travel? Meditate. Are you trying to become an overnight viral sensation? Meditate. Are you a living and breathing human being? MEDITATE.

Treat yourself today and try meditating,



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