LANEIGE, my nightly love affair.

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Okay, so, I’m obsessed with skincare (which you already know) and I’ve found a brand that I HAVE to share with you guys because it has transformed my skin and streamlined my night-time skincare routine. I am IN LOVE with this Korean skincare company (LANEIGE) and use their products just about every single day.


A few months ago at Sephora (my personal heaven), I was looking for a sleeping mask I kept seeing on my Instagram explore page. I finally found the mask after searching MANY aisles, and I also happened to stumble across THE CUTEST PACKAGE of skincare products EVER (with the mask I was looking for in it), so of course I had to check it out ↓

DSC_0317 (1)

I think most of us would agree that any skincare brand that includes stickers with their products gets our support (shout out Laneige and Glossier). But of course when they also have AMAZING products (and stickers!!!!), I am all in.

These products have transformed my nightly skincare routine and I can’t wait to tell you all about each one. You can find this little trial size pack for $25 at Sephora, on Sephora’s website or on Laneige’s website.

· Keep in mind that these products are formulated for normal to dry skin unless otherwise stated in my review. ·

Step 1: Moisturizing Foam Cleanser ($23)

DSC_0296 (1)This moisturizing cleanser is a dream in a bottle. When I look for a cleanser I am looking for something that can remove all of the impurities left on my face after my oil cleanse (which removes all the dirt, makeup and sebum from my skin). What I love so much about this specific cleanser is that it applies like a cream, it turns into a foam and when you rinse it off with water it leaves no residue so you know when you’ve washed it all off your skin. It is amazing. The birch water and vitamin E acetate, as well as five different fruit acids in this cleansing formula help to remove dead skin cells and refine your complexion. This cleanser moisturizes my face more than any other cleanser I’ve tried and it leaves my skin soft and ready for the next step in my routine.

The price point for this cleanser isn’t over the top but it is more expensive than your generic face wash from the drugstore. This product comes in the trial sized pack pictured above which is how I first got my hands on it. I fell in love and then bought the standard size because I couldn’t get enough of the way my face felt after. I would 100% recommend this cleanser to anyone with normal to dry skin because it is a moisturizing, creamy, foaming cleanser you NEED in your life.

Step 2: Essential Power Skin Toner ($28)


Normally when I think of skin toners I think of witch hazel or that Sea Breeze astringent toner from CVS.  This toner is NOTHING like those and will change the game, at least your skincare game. Most American toners I’ve tried are very watery and I don’t feel like they are actually moisturizing or hydrating  or doing anything I want to my skin (they normally do the opposite). The texture of this toner is like nothing I’ve felt before, so if you find one similar PLEASE let me know ASAP. It feels watery and jelly-like but also milky (maybe even a bit slimy— but don’t let that deter you). The formula is so soothing and SO moisturizing all while it whisks away your dead skin cells and replenishes your skin. After you’ve washed your face your toner is supposed to restore the pH balance of your skin so the products you use after have a clean palate to work on. Your toner also dampens your skin to make it easier for your skin to absorb the other products you plan to use. I really think this toner does its job. I can’t go a day without using it. To use this toner you pour enough to cover your face onto the palm of your hand and pat it on your skin or pour some onto a cotton round and pat it on your face using outward motions.

The cost of this toner is pretty reasonable but I can see why you might think it’s a bit much considering most American toners we are used to seeing are like $4 at the drugstore. This bottle will last you a while though and I can’t recommend this stuff enough. I first tried this in the trial sized pack shown above and I HAD to purchase the giant bottle to make sure I never run out. OBSESSED.

Step 3: Water Bank Essence ($36)

DSC_0288Before this skincare experiment, I’d never tried using an essence on my face, much less using one every single day. In K-Beauty, an essence is basically a cross between a serum and a toner and its the heart of your skincare routine. It helps with cell regeneration and delivers so many important vitamins to your skin. This essence has zinc, magnesium, manganese, potassium, calcium, and sodium in its formula to help it do its job correctly.

The texture of this essence is similar to a very light moisturizer and it smoothes gently onto your skin to hydrate and rejuvenate. After I pat in my toner I use one pump of this essence and use my fingers to gently massage it onto my face. It feels incredible and it is my favorite of all of my skincare steps. This is the product I first fell in love with in the trial kit above and I can’t imagine a day without it now.

It seems like it is expensive for a type of product you’ve most likely never heard of but IT’S WORTH EVERY PENNY. Try it!! My mom loves it and so will you!

· This essence is formulated for all skin types. ·

Step 4: Water Bank Moisture Cream ($35)

DSC_0259 (1)If you are looking for a thick and creamy nightly moisturizer, THIS IS IT. For most of my life I could not stand putting anything on my face, especially moisturizer. Somehow (with LOTS of uncomfortable nights where I felt like my skin was suffocating in grease) I learned to love the way my skin feels when it’s moisturized and hydrated and the formula in this cream does it all. It is made with LANEIGE’s patented Hydro Ionized Mineral Water that contains essential minerals— zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and sodium. This combination hydrates and moisturizes your skin and gives your face that dewy glow we all want.

I tend to use this moisturizer solely before bed because the formula is VERY rich. While I sleep the cream nourishes my skin and when I wake up I feel so beautiful (who doesn’t want that??) because my skin looks better than it did when I was 12.

I really don’t think the price on this moisturizer is anything out of the ordinary, unless you’re actually using The Ordinary, which will be another post entirely. When I first used this cream from the trial kit I bought I treated it like it was sacred, only using it on special occasions to not run out. It is so dreamy and feels SOOOOO good that I had to break down and buy more. SO WORTH IT. Check it out.

Step 5: Water Sleeping Mask ($25)


A mask to use WHILE you’re sleeping? Who doesn’t love multitasking?? For this one though, I’m going to keep it simple and to the point because I’m working on a master sleep mask post that will hopefully be out next week with wayyyy too many details.

Anyway, this gel mask is EVERYTHING. Since I was a little girl I’ve always loved face masks. I feel like my skin responds so well to the concentrated formula a mask provides. My LEAST favorite part about face masks is having to wash them off: enter sleeping masks. With this product you get the benefits of a mask WHILE you sleep so you can literally do two things at once.

The formula for this sleeping mask is a soothing gel and coats your skin with dewy moisture. Both the original and the lavender smell so relaxing before bed, its sad you’re not supposed to use these masks daily. I normally apply them on Wednesday and Sunday to help recharge my skin at the middle and end of my week. The mask uses the same Hydro Ionized Mineral Water as the other products in the line which hydrates and replenishes moisture throughout the night. Paired with the rest of these products, this one does its job to its fullest ability, ensuring you wake up with a glowing complexion.

The price is fair and I would buy this product again and again (seeing that I already have). I first came across this mask on Instagram and when I had the opportunity to try it with the rest of the products above I couldn’t say no. The sleeping mask has changed my skin for the better and takes away the annoying part of masking. CHECK IT OUT GUYS. You will fall as deeply in love as I have.

· This sleeping mask is formulated for all skin types. ·


This 5-step hydrating kit (for normal to dry skin) is an easy introduction to K-Beauty and a regimented skincare routine. For $25 you get at least a months worth of high quality products that could quite possible change how you feel about yourself from the outside in. Need a gift? This kit. Need a personal pick me up? This kit. Want to change the way you treat your skin? This kit. You’ve really got nothing to lose.

There is also a pore refining kit for combination to oily skin that has five completely different hard-working products (LANEIGE Pick Me Pore Care Trial Kit). I tried this kit as well but did not have fabulous results because I have normal skin and the products were very harsh on my face.

· LANEIGE does not test their ingredients or products on animals. These products do not contain parabens or phthalates. ·

· PRO TIP: I ALWAYS take my entire skincare routine from the top of my forehead to my collar bones to make sure I’m giving my face and neck the TLC it deserves (trying to avoid wrinkles at all costs). ALSO I always use outward motions and make sure not to tug on my skin. ·

With skincare, be careful and ALWAYS take your time!


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