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Starting this blog was not an easy choice. Deciding to jump the gun and start writing before I had all of my ideas in order was probably not my best decision, but here we are. Deciding to do this blog stems from so many things I’ve wanted for over 10 years now and I’m SO happy I decided to do it.

Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved to write. I used to write short stories (that made NO SENSE), that I kept a secret from everyone I knew. Maybe my parents stumbled upon my “Meet The Browns” folder on our family PC circa 2005, but I’m pretty sure there was little to no exciting content in there. Nonetheless, I’ve always had an itch to write. For those of you who know me personally, you know I can talk your ear off so writing of course comes naturally to me.

Writing a blog is VERY different than writing short stories or a paper for school, a blog is constant. Updating your page, staying relevant, posting on Instagram, always finding new things to talk about and always having something to say about topics your audience cares about, it’s a lot of work. Work I didn’t know I was getting myself into in January, but its work that I am committed to and I’m very excited about.

The book:

DSC_0475 (1)
Pic by: Lauren Vehar @laurennvehar

Queue: Jen Sincero’s bookYOU are a BADASS.

So I’d like to rewind a little bit, back to September of 2017 when I bought this book. I ordered it for myself for my birthday and was super excited to start reading, like, who doesn’t want to be a badass?? I saw this book everywhere, from the featured shelves at Barnes & Noble to many Instagram and Snapchat stories.

I was not an avid reader at the time (7  months ago) but I promised myself I would read at least a chapter a night to ease into reading books again (since I hadn’t read a book since 2014) which put me on track to finish in about a month. The chapters average to be about 10 pages each which is so doable for a quick daily read.

Little did I know, one month would turn into two, which turned into three, which turned into four. This book took me FOUR MONTHS TO FINISH. At first this really bothered me, I felt like if I couldn’t even dedicate a few minutes a day to investing in myself by reading something that could potentially improve my life, how was I going to get a job or graduate college or make it farther in life? I can be very dramatic.

The REAL reason it took me FOREVER to finish this book is because reading this book is a choice. Its not a “light” read. This book tells you things you may be ready to hear, or in my case, you might not be ready to hear. This book is a journey to find yourself, to demand what you deserve, and to find your inner BADASS.

What I learned from this book:

I am my own worst enemy.

So basically this book makes you face a lot of facts. Its not crazy demanding like going to therapy (that will have to be an entirely different post), but it definitely makes you realize a lot about yourself and the people around you. For me, I’ve always known I procrastinate. I am a procrastinator. I put important things off and instead I do things like write a blog when I should be applying for jobs or watching Sneaky Pete when I should be planning out the rest of my life. This is nothing new to me. But realizing just how much I was/am getting in the way of my self growth and my ability to achieve my goals was/is eye opening. This book (especially parts 1 & 2) helped me face my biggest enemy, me.

I need to focus.

I have always been someone who is on 25 different pages at once. I want to read a book while watching TV while checking my phone while I’m exercising while doing a face mask while I’m at the mall. Wow I’m exhausted. I have never been one to sit still, mentally that is. In a lot of ways this could be great, but for me it is very overwhelming. So overwhelming that instead of doing all the things I want/need to do, I do nothing. This is a HUGE problem and one of the most important things I learned from this book. Focusing on things that are important to me, not everyone else will be the key to my success.

I need to just start.

Using the excuses, “I’ll start Monday,” “I don’t have time,” “I have so many other things that are more important,” “I could never do that,” “I’m not ready yet,” will RUIN your life. This book made somethings so clear to me, I need to start now, I do have the time, things are only as important as I make them, I can do it and I’m ready. I am the only one who can do what I need to do and there is no better time than the present to begin, that is why I started this blog.

From a self-help book → blogging.

The true reason this book took me so long to read was that I wasn’t ready to start the next chapter of my life. I didn’t think I was ready to kick ass because I didn’t think I could. I was constantly making excuses of why I wasn’t ready or worthy or able and thats just total BS. I can do anything I want with the right amount of focus and effort and so can you. This book by no means will solve all of your problems, or any of them really. For me it mostly reminded me of things I already knew about myself and gave me the motivation to navigate around the road blocks in my life instead of just letting them get in the way of everything I want to do and accomplish.

I would most definitely recommend this book to everyone I know because it helped me get to a place in my life that I love. A place where I’m doing things I enjoy, like writing this blog. A place where I also have the courage to write this blog and share with you guys. A place where I know I can kick some ass because I am me. So my friends, tap into the motherlode and get this book because it does exactly what the title suggests, it reminds you that YOU are already a BADASS.

Love yourself, always,



One Reply to “YOU are a BADASS, I promise.”

  1. I may actually check out this book! Thanks for the inspiration. Half the battle for anything new in my life is to just get started already! I am glad you started your blog! Great job girlie! ❤


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