So my first senior year of college I lived with three girls who were all obsessed with a store called Lush. The store was always hard to miss because I could smell it from a mile away but the one at our mall was so small and cramped it intimidated me like Forever 21 does on a day that I’m not in the mood to shop. My roommates talked and talked about their bath bombs and face masks from Lush so naturally I was intrigued. The second week of living there I ordered $87 worth of Lush products. 99% of the products were terrifying to me and until a few months ago I had no clue how to use any of them, except the bath bombs.

Now I’m Lush obsessed and its one of the many brands I use on my skin daily. This list of products are some of my faves I wanted to share with you guys because you obviously need them all.


DSC_0790 (1)These little guys are some of my absolute FAVORITE skin moisturizers.

Imperialis was the first moisturizer I bought from Lush, hence the weathered label. This formula is so soothing and for some reason the smell reminds me of my grandma’s beauty products I played with when I was little which makes me very nostalgic. The lavender should help the skin find natural balance while the orange blossom should help brighten the skin. I personally recommend checking it out especially if you are looking for a more affordable moisturizer. I’m on the last leg of my jar and I will definitely be buying more.

I then discovered Magical Moringa which I use as a makeup primer. It is so soft and smooth, I’m actually obsessed. When I’m going for a lighter moisturizer this is what I use, and it is the most natural of the three according to the trusty employee at the Lush I bought it at. The texture of this primer is similar to a balm. It is my go to especially when I’m going for a matte makeup look. I would ask for a sample to try it before buying because some people may not like how it feels on their face. It is great to use at all times of day but I notice a huge difference in my skin when I lather my face with this stuff at night. Magical Moringa is truly magical. Try it! I hope you like it!

The real winner here is GORGEOUS, my newest love. For Christmas my parents surprised me with this ridiculously priced (and totally worth it) moisturizer and it is THE BEST EVER (at least until someone buys me La Mer). Lush describes it as “Our finest moisturizer made with nature’s best to brighten, tone and hydrate skin.” Since using Gorgeous my skin has felt so soft and hydrated. I spray rose water on my face and then apply Gorgeous while my skin is still damp to easily spread the product all over my skin without pulling on my face. Lush has their own rose water but I use one by Mario Badescu which is linked here.

After I spray my rose water and before I put on my moisturizers I put on eye cream, specifically Lush’s Enchanted Eye CreamThis cream is my favorite of the many eye creams I’ve tried over the past few months. I have to put it on every night before I sleep or I feel like something is missing in my life. The lavender and almond oil are soothing and help diminish any fine lines around the eyes. With other eye creams I’ve used I’ve found many of them to be oily or irritating around my eyes but this cream isn’t oily at all and I wake up every morning feeling fresh and wanting to reapply before I put on my makeup! I recommend asking to try this cream if you’re unsure about it. A little goes a long way. When applying eye cream also make sure to lightly dab the cream on with your pinky finger to not pull on the skin. The skin around your eyes is very delicate.

Body Wash

DSC_0833I discovered this body wash about two weeks ago and now I can’t shower without it! The Olive Branch is hydrating and smells so yummy, I bought it before I even researched it online (rare for me). The scent is SO addicting, I wish I could use this stuff as a shampoo, a perfume and a body wash so I could smell it all day long. I definitely recommend buying this or at least getting a sample of it next time you pass by a Lush store! You wont regret it! The main ingredients are olive oil, sea salt and fresh mandarin juice which will make you feel like you are on a sweet Mediterranean vacation! In the past two weeks my skin has transformed and isn’t as dry as it normally would be with the winter weather. I’ve always believed olive oil has magic powers when used on your skin and this shower gel is continuing to prove my point. Go to Lush. Try it. Fall in love. You are welcome.

Body Lotion


So this is a shoutout to all my friends who have trouble sleeping (like me) or love the smell of lavender (also me). This lotion is so rich and creamy and smells like an embrace from the heavens. Every night I put Sleepy on my hands, feet and elbows and fall blissfully asleep! It’s always been a nightmare trying to fall asleep because I  find myself in some type of ridiculous internet wormhole at 2 a.m. Having the aromatherapy I obviously need, since I don’t have the self discipline, is a huge help in my efforts to be well rested. Sleep is also essential for healthy skin, so killing  two birds with one stone is really what I’m all about. Try it!!

Cleansers & Scrubs


Next on my list of Lush favorites are two of the most important products I own, Herbalism and Ocean Salt.

Herbalism  is my skin’s saving grace. This cleanser does wonders for pigmentation. I LOVE using it because I always feel like a queen after (not that I don’t always feel like a queen, because I do). The kaolin clay and rice bran in this cleanser take excess oil to the cleaners and the blend of chamomile, rosemary and nettle calms the skin better than all the other cleansers I’ve tried. I like using Herbalism 2-3 times a week to keep my skin in check. To use, put a little in the palm of your hand and mix with water to create a paste-like mixture and then apply to your face and wipe off with a wash cloth. You will have fresh, clean and balanced skin in no time. Just as with all of the others, if you are afraid to commit to this product ask for a sample! Everyone that works at Lush will be eager to let you test everything out or bring things home to try before you buy.

Ocean Salt, is one of the first products I tried from Lush, thanks to those knowledgable roommates I mentioned earlier. Ocean Salt is my favorite exfoliator. As the title suggests, there is salt in the scrub which I think helps a lot with any acne breakouts, along with the lime and vodka in the formula that basically makes this a facial margarita! Ocean Salt is tougher on the skin because of the coarse texture and I tend to only use it once or twice a week so I don’t damage the skin on my face. I love this scrub for getting rid of dead skin and for fighting against blackheads and acne and I would recommend it to everyone I know. I like using it at night to scrub off all the toxins from my day while nourishing my skin before I sleep. I would use either of these products before I use my rose water or moisturizers.

Face Masks

DSC_0797 (1)

I saved the best and most unique for last! These Lush jelly masks are so much fun and are a treat to anyone who tries them. The texture of the mask is bizarre and is comparable to spreading jello on your face. With that being said, spreading jello on your face sounds kinda fun… just me?? I love the way these feel on and they dry after 10 minutes just like any other mask. I apply these after I’ve cleansed my face but before I use my rose water and moisturizers.

Its silly, but I originally bought FOMO for the name. The girl at Lush was raving about how great it was and I honestly thought she was just trying to get me to buy it because they had only been out a few months. After I tried it for the first time I realized how this mask would change my life forever. FOMO is EVERYTHING. It soothes and does wonders for any hint of redness on my face. I 100% recommend this to everyone ever. I especially like pairing FOMO with Herbalism and my Imperialis moisturizer. Guys you will regret not trying this mask! If you dont have FOMO for FOMO you should now because it is Grade A magic.

My other favorite jelly mask is Bunny Moon which I bought before FOMO. Its a great mask for calming your skin. It will hydrate and moisturize your face and leave you feeling relaxed. After I use Bunny Moon my face seriously feels as soft as a baby’s bottom and I’m never mad about it. I recommend buying these masks together so you get a variety of options. You can also use one mask on one part of your face and the other on the rest of your face for fun.

All in all, Lush is by far one of the best stores to go to for quality, sustainable skin care products and above is a pretty good start on what to buy, according to me, the expert. They don’t test on animals and use recycled plastic to make their pots, bottles and tops their products are housed in, if they are in a container at all. The products are as natural as they can be and the company is as green as it can be. Of course my generation is very concerned with the environment (AS WE ALL SHOULD BE), so this aspect of the company is one of the most attractive. When you go to the store, the prices may be a bit much at first but you can ask for samples (as I said before) of anything to take home and try before you commit to the product, though you should commit to FOMO now.

Let me know what products from Lush you would like me to try/review next! Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing more of my rookie beauty knowledge with everyone very soon.

Cheers everyone,


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