I’m baaaack, and I’m talking about my skin.

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Hello people, I know its been a while since my first post but I’ve been super busy (obviously watching Friends) and I keep wrestling with different ideas on what to post about which has overwhelmed me to the fullest extent. I finally decided to sit down and write so this is what you get.

So, recently I’ve been dabbling in a bunch of different things, one being skin care. At 23, you’d think I’d be obsessed with makeup and and all the glitz and glam that comes with being a girl, but until a few months ago I was seriously clueless about all of this. I knew that contouring was something the Kardashians did to look perfect (and it definitely works), and I knew I should probably start an anti-aging skin care regimen because my skin is still basically perfect (huge thank you to God and my parents for this). Still, I  had no clue that many of my peers knew SO much about something that I’m now obsessed with.

Moving back home a month ago, many things needed to be updated to fit the life of a 23 year old, one huge thing being my medicine cabinet in my bathroom. I would have posted a before picture but I didn’t even take one the cabinet was so embarrassing. Picture a train wreck meets a Claire’s Accessories garage sale. It was completely horrible even for the 14 year old (me) who organized it. With my new skin care obsession, I had to make room for all of my new products I’ve purchased, so naturally I put them all front and center in this cabinet (pictured below) so I can look at them, and remember to use them daily.

DSC_0738DSC_0739 (1)

I think originally the hardest part for me about skin care is remembering to do it. Its so much work to think about putting on lotion everyday or spraying special water on my face after I wake up in the morning and before I go to bed and before I put on makeup and after I put on makeup (so many different sprays!!!). Utilizing this space to put some of my most used products has been crucial for my transition to caring about my skin, and since I’ve written this post I’ve already reorganized this cabinet with even more fun stuff!

Luckily I’ve been blessed with mostly clear skin my whole life so skin care reallllly took the back burner. I’m so grateful every time I get a compliment about my skin because I’ve honestly never really done anything but wash it once a day (if that) for the first 22 years of my life, until now of course. This little organized cabinet has given me something to be excited about every time I walk in my bathroom to get ready and it has given me an easy way to remember to take the extra time and do the little bit of extra work that has resulted in very soft, glowing (Kim K-esque) skin, IMHO.

All of the products pictured I HIGHLY recommend checking out and I plan to do many reviews on all the brands pictured above, and some not pictured too (shout out Glossier) as well as recommendations (go to Lush NOW) in the VERY NEAR future! Like tomorrow.

Thanks anyone and everyone who read this pointless post!! Love you guys! I have some really exciting stuff coming up and I’m pumped to share with you all!!

Living my best life, as always,


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